At AppNexus, our newly formed team in Portland was tasked with creating a new application intended to ease the mediation process for publishers. Our massive, enterprise Console product made this process extremely time consuming and difficult for our users.

I was the lead designer for this project, which included all UX, Visual Design and Front-end HTML & CSS.


Because AppNexus is a B2B business, we had strong relationships with most our clients. This made it relatively easy to consistently find willing users that were excited to help test designs. Throughout each test performed, a constant key was noted: Speed is king. The mediation process required the creation and management of what could possibly be thousands of campaigns, all with unique targeting and attributes. The goal of Ad Network Manager was to make this process much easier to manage and complete.

In our initial tests we noticed users uniquely naming their campaigns as a way to easily locate and identify them. Due to the large quantity of them, they were looking for a way to quickly identity them. It was clear campaign filtering and search would be vital to their workflow. Neither of these features were as prominent in our inital designs. The first step was to create a filtering system, shown below.

The filters resulted in a huge decrease in time spent locating and managing campaigns, but the real key was going to be search. It needed to be upfront, discoverable and provide instant results. We tested a few options and found the greatest performance with the layout below.