DanceLinked is a social network aimed at connecting dancers from around the world, allowing them to showcase their skills, inspire others and discover new opportunities in the dance community.

The project was started by myself and a friend of mine. I am responsible for all UX, Visual Design and Front-end coding for the project.



TeamSnap is a team & group management app that makes organizing and communicating with your team a breeze.

While at TeamSnap, I was the lead designer for the team-side web application. This team was mainly focused on user onboarding, conversion to paid, team management and any other monetization initiatives.

AppNexus – Tango


Tango was created as a marketplace to more easily connect buyers and sellers within the AppNexus ecosystem. It allows for better partner discoverability and access to new relationships customers may have never been aware of before the system was put in place.

Tango was built from the ground-up within AppNexus' Console system. I acted as lead Visual Designer on the project, within the UX team.

AppNexus – ANM


At AppNexus, our newly formed team in Portland was tasked with creating a new application intended to ease the mediation process for publishers. Our massive, enterprise Console product made this process extremely time consuming and difficult for our users.

I was the lead designer for this project, which included all UX, Visual Design and Front-end HTML & CSS.



Fantuition was an an online game that allowed people to attempt to predict the outcome of their favorite events, like sports or TV shows. Most current fantasy sports games require a huge time commitment and a great deal of dedication. We aimed to offer quick, fun games for niche topics, that might appeal to a much wider audience.

This was a funded, bootstrapped startup. There were originally only three of us, therefore, we had to wear a lot of hats. I spent my time on UX, Visual Design and all Front-end code.