Most relationships formed throughout the programmtic ecosystem are done so outside of the platform. It's manual time-consuming process that requires hours of searching, research and negotiations.


Create a program for buyers and sellers that builds on the strengths of offline relationships by making it easier to bring them to programmatic buying. It's a relationship-level solution that will give buyers and sellers a more holistic view of their partnership. The goal is to make working with partners simpler and more powerful with added transparency and operational efficiency.


  • Visual Design – Responsible for defining new visual styles and components for the Tango product, while ensuring my visual style was withing our currently defined patterns.
  • UX – Collaborated with UX team regarding information architecture, card sorting, prototyping and component design.


After speaking with customers and documenting their findings, the information was reviewed by the UX team. Decisions were made regarding the information architecure, layout and features needed for the first version of the MVP. An open card sort was conducted to help define the IA of this new tab.

Because this was a new product within our framework, we'd be introducing many new layouts, features and components. The next step was to identify the optimal layout and functionality for these new features.

We introducted a new collapsible sidebar layout, improved graphs, activity streams and much more. I had to be sure our visual language and hierarchy stayed consistent with what had already been established.

I acted as the bridge between UX and the front-end team to make this happen. In the end, we had a very successful product launch. You can see some of the mockups for the finished product below.